My Nose Looks Like…



Not a clear picture, but it’d probably look even worse with a clear shot.


8 responses to “My Nose Looks Like…

  1. Wow, Susan really packs a punch!

  2. Surgery porn. Hot.

  3. wow, that’s gonna leave a mark. chicks dig scars anyway.

  4. I was gonna say that if I squint, you look like you could be on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but I was afraid of looking like a Star Trek nerd…wait…

    Oh, crap.

  5. You need a good story to go with that scar. Mine involve a little old lady and a group of thugs–the more the better–all of them armed with nothing less than Uzis.

    The thugs have the Uzis, in case you were wondering. Not the little old lady.

  6. Perhaps next time you shouldn’t take “put your nose to the grind stone” too seriously.

  7. LOL looks like the your frakensteins little bother

  8. brother I mean…

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