Spotted in Brooklyn

This morning after finishing my run, while walking back home on Berkeley (I think), a man came out through the front door of a brownstone.

He was wearing a shirt. And jeans.

But no shoes.

And he was playing a mandolin.

Just standing there on his stoop, with no shoes on, playing a mandolin while looking up and down the street.


4 responses to “Spotted in Brooklyn

  1. So, what you’re saying is, you kinda felt like you were in a cleaner, sober New Orleans for a minute? Did you toss a dollar at him?

  2. The man is living in a brownstone. He should be tossing dollars at me.

  3. Was it Bruce Hornsby?

  4. How good was he playing it? Because if you saw Chris Thile just randomly picking on his doorstep then I’m mad.

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