It’s “All of A Sudden” not “All of THE Sudden”

There are right ways to do things and wrong ways to do things. This is the wrong way to do things.

“All of THE sudden, there it was.”

I don’t know where you people are picking this up from. Perhaps you’ve hopped in a time machine and gone back to the 1500s recently.

But the correct idiomatic phrase in English is “All of a sudden.”

So just stop it. Drives me crazy.


6 responses to “It’s “All of A Sudden” not “All of THE Sudden”

  1. And how do you feel about the misuse of “comprise?”

  2. Meh. Comprise is one of those things that grammar nerds get off on. I can’t even keep the stupid rules for that one straight. (I’m nonplussed by comprise)

    But for some reason it bugs me when a really common idiomatic expression that isn’t based on region starts changing like this!

  3. As a law student I like that your argument includes “that isn’t based on region.” As an accused grammar nerd, I guess I should be offended. “Comprise” still bothers me, largely because I think people started using it wrong entirely to show how smart they were (i.e. it’s a fancier-sounding word) and ended up successfully changing the common usage.

    I’m trying to think of other non-regionally-based sayings that are screwed up and coming up empty. Brain strung out on exam studying.

  4. “I think people started using it wrong entirely to show how smart they were…” which is why I used nonplussed. It’s another one that fits the bill.

    Another one not based on region, but on just being clearly fucking wrong is “hone in on.” It’s not HONE IN ON. It’s HOME IN ON!!!

    Most recent spotting: America’s Best Short Stories 2011. Which means it slipped through multiple editors who should have known better.

    Don’t even get me started on tack and tact.

  5. How about defuse and diffuse? Also “to pore through” or “pore over,” not “pour!”

  6. Um, I married a guy who said “All of the sudden” until I beat it out of him. that said, I had always thought it was hone. No?

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